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Based on a true story, Private offers an intensely intimate view of events as they unfold for a middle class Palestinian family whose home is invaded and occupied by Israeli troops. Refusing to abandon their home, the father, a well-educated teacher, is faced with a struggle to retain his dignity, and the support of his family as the family is subjected to increasing levels of stress. 


Featuring an award-winning performance by leading actor Mohammed Bakri, the film's claustrophobic set and edgy camera work combine to make it at once deeply unsettling and profoundly moving. 


2006 Festival guest, award winning actor Mohammed Bakri will join us after the screening to discuss his role in the film and his work as a Palestinian actor in Israel.


Winner – FIPRESCI Award San Francisco International Film Festival, 2005 


Golden Leopard Award Locarno Film Festival, 2004 


Best Actor (Mohammed Bakri) Buenos Aires International Film Festival, 2005


Director; Saverio Costanzo

Release Date: 2004

Duration: 94mins