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Nour was born in Israel’s Telmond prison, where his mother, Manal Ghanem from Tulkarm refugee camp, was being held. He lived for more than two and a half years with his mother in the prison before being separated from her while she remained in detention. The film joins Nour on his “release” and follows his first encounter with life outside an Israeli security prison. This beautifully composed debut documentary from Akram Al Ashqar, speaks of confusion and curiosity as Nour assimilates to a world populated not only by women, and where not all doors remain closed. Interviews with family members and friends provide a glimpse of his life inside the prison and reveal perhaps the most difficult aspect of all the fact that Nour misses the place where he was born: his mother’s cell which represented his only “world”.


Director: Akram Al Ashqar

Release Date: 2006

Duration: 27mins