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In the shadow of the disengagement from Gaza, west of Ramallah, a new citysettlement is under construction, Kiriyat Sefer. In the early hours of the morning, construction workers from a neighbouring Palestinian village walk towards another day of work. Unemployed since the early days of the Second Intifada and drowned by financial debts, these men are forced to work, against their own conscience, on the settlement expanding onto their own village’s lands. In a day’s work, with scarce time for rest, words tossed into the air open a window on the sentiments of the workers for the land they still cherish. This inner struggle of the workers remains silent given the awful paradox of their situation. Just as their employment sustains their impoverished families, it supplies the occupation with the cheap and immediate source of labour that allows the construction of the settlements and the wall, and hence the destruction of their children’s livelihoods.


Directors: Alexandre Goetschmann & Guy Davidi

Release Date: 2006

Duration: 30mins