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Stranger in My Home relates the stories of eight Palestinian Jerusalemite families that were twice turned into refugees in their own city: in 1948 and again in 1967. After 40 years they recall the events that occurred in the Moghrabi Quarter of Jerusalem during the 1967 war and led to their second dispossession at the hands of the Israeli government. Each family then travels to see its original house which was seized and occupied in the war of 1948. Their original houses are located in the Baqa'a, Talbiyeh, Qatamon and Mosrarah neighbourhoods of what is now West Jerusalem. In some of the most moving and surprising scenes, several of these families are able to enter their former homes and enter into discussions with the Israeli occupants. Alongside these oral testimonies and personal experiences, the film enjoys an interview with the renowned Israeli architectural historian David Kroyanker who has researched and published authoritative studies on these houses and their painful histories.


Director: Sahera Dirbas

Release Date: 2007

Duration: 37mins