Introduction to the End of an Argument

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Full Title: Introduction to the End of an Argument...

Introduction to the End of an Argument…. Rarely screened, this early collaboration between renowned Lebanese Canadian video artist Jayce Salloum and Palestinian director Elia Suleiman (Divine Intervention, Chronicle of a Disappearance) is a wonderful piece of culture jamming satire and political jujitsu. Assembling a combination of Hollywood, European and Israeli film, documentary, news coverage together with excerpts of 'live' footage shot in the West Bank and Gaza strip, Introduction to the End of an Argument... critiques Western representations of the Middle East, Arab culture, and the Palestinian people. The film mimics dominant forms of representation, subverting their methodology in a bid to arrest both imagery and ideology, decolonizing and recontextualizing images to provide space for a voice consistently denied expression in the mass media.


Directors: Jayce Salloum & Elia Suleiman

Release Date: 1990

Duration: 45mins